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so here I am again trying to sort this whole sleeping thing out. Frustrated right now because my mom is sick with alzheimers and twice a week I stay at her house and sleep in her room because she tries to climb out of the bed. 

I say sleep but I stat awake all night because the recliner sucks amd mom sleeps poorly. This is causing great distress to me and my lupus is flaring up because of it. I am on the go 7 days a week between my full time job and mom.

I hurt all the time. My purging thoughts are coming back because I'm emotionally eating. 
I am panicking all the time from fatigue and going two days a week without sleep. 
We are all pulling our weight. Ive tried to make suggestions to my dad that would enable me to sleep some, but it's falliNG on deaf ears.

i have to watch out for him as his health is not good. If I refuse to sleep on the recliner he will say he will do it- which is just not physically good for him. 

Its just a season i suppose. I haven't had a vacation in 5 years- not one over 2 days, anyway. I need to get to the beach - and soon!


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