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JDP_IrishphotoHappy St. Patrick's Day!

What's your take on luck?  Do you have lucky moments?  Are you a lucky person?

Are others lucky?

Here's a piece from my morning journal.

I believe less in luck as I see what goes into creating a life.  Yet, at the same time, with so much unpredictability inthe complexity of the universe, I think every momet of existence is lucky.

What's does luck and lucky mean to you?

I'm just back from a delightful children's program at Books and Cookies in Santa Monica with DidiPop performing.

I sang a brief solo of Molly Malone to the little children and their parents.  So I'm feeling happy and a bit Irish today.

Fun teaching the children what a wheel barrow is and what cockles and mussels are.

I explored more about what I feel about luck this morning in my journal.  Here are some entries.  See what you think.

  • I'm not lucky: I work hard, study and share.
  • I am lucky:  I have the genes, the friends, the country and the planet where my life happens.
  • I'm not lucky: I make my luck through preparation.
  • I am lucky: The climate, the earthquake, flood, tsunami, volcano potential, crashing comets and asteroids, viruses and bacteria, the out of control bus or falling airplane didn't destroy my preparations.
  • I'm not lucky: I think, plan and act on my plans.
  • I am lucky: I am able to think, plan and act.
  • I'm not lucky: I love and am loved in return.
  • I am lucky: I love and am loved in return.

What might you add or change from your point of view about luck?







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