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Pixie by HaleyDavisIntermittent Fasting is the topic of a CBC news article and asked for comments. Here goes. 

What do I think of intermittent fasting? Fun, fast, fantasy - like our pixie in the painting. It's not for real human beings, like you and me. Here's why. 

On and off fasting is part of bulimic behavior, a "trick" people suffering from bulimia try to use to help them stop throwing up while not gaining weight.

Intermittent fasting normalizes bulimic behavior. Those in recovery who are fragile will move into the behavior without realizing they are losing ground in their recovery and perhaps have a full blown relapse. Others, unknowingly vulnerable to this often lethal illness, will begin intermittent fasting and work themselves into full blown bulimia. 

The Intermittent Fasting diet sings the praises of this on off eating behavior. I can't help but compare it to the pro anorexia sites that teach people how to be anorexic. Intermittent fasting directions teach people how to be bulimic. The directions support risky behavior by describing the benefits i.e. weight loss.

Intermittent fasting is designed to allow people "to eat the foods they crave most of the time and still lose weight." This is a happy fantasy promise. It ignores what I consider to be the real issue: the craving.  

Why do you crave something that is not good for you? What purpose does the desired food serve? What is it doing for you that is more important to you than the damage it causes?

The way to lose weight is to exercise reasonably and eat reasonably both in quality and portions. When feelings of resistance to this come up, often experienced as cravings for what is not in your best interest, it's time to do inner psychological work to cope with those feelings. It's not time to look for tricks.

Much money is to be made in books, programs and products that promise weight loss and dreams coming true. The most profitable course for everyone in every way is to go for health. Health really allows you to make your dreams come true.

Have you every used intermittent fasting before it had a name as part of your eating disorder?
What was it like for you?

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