Healing Your Hungry Heart

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Here you will find "Triumphant Journey, a self guided workbook to help you recover from an eating disorder.

This is a step by step action plan that can guide you to your genuine healing path.  You can use it on your own.  You can use it as preparation for beginning treatment.  You can use it with your psychotherapist as an aspect of your recovery work.


Topics Include:

  • kinds of overeaters
  • benefits of moderate eating
  • dilemmas for the overeater
  • personal tools needed
  • how secrets relate to overeating
  • affirmations

Special Exercises to:

  • stop overeating
  • increase inner strength
  • discover secrets
  • develop self respect

Let's get started!
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Introduction 1 - Idea for Triumphant Journey Begins 5585
Overview of free online self help eating disorder recovery workbook: Triumphant Journey 7777
About the Author, Joanna Poppink 3705
Reality Check: Why Weight Loss Programs Don't Work if You Have an Eating Disorder 4863
Development of Mary's Eating Disorder 2462
Are You An Overeater? A Check List. Preparation for Recovery 5539
Personal Rewards in Freedom From Food Tyranny 4009
The Dilemma in Recovery 4378
Preparation for the End of Overeating 4496
Exercise 1 Insight into Anxiety and Need to Binge 6506
Exercise 2 Completing Unfinished Tasks 5265
Exercise 3 Riding Out the Urge To Binge Without Bingeing 5434
Exercise 4 to Stop Overeating: P.A.M. Pause a Minute 4839
Exercise 5 3887
Exercise 6 Postpone or procrastinate? 4133
Exercise 7 3517
Exercise 8 3490
Exercise 9 3415
Exercise 10 coping with saying good bye 3810
Exercise in Kindness 3775
Necessity of Inner Secrets 3494
Are you curious about your secrets? 3852
Time of Decision 3400
The Darker Side of Secrets -- Moving to the Unknown 3483
Roots of Inner Secrets 3455
More Subtle Causes of Inner Secrets 3341
The Creation of an Overeater: Mary's Story 4253
Discussion of Mary's Story: dissociation and eating disorders 3741
Mary Grows Up - Early Stages of Becoming an Overeater 3676
Mary Grows Up - Adult Stages of Being an Overeater 3218
The Way Out 3207
Inner Secret Discovery Questions 1-9 4231
Inner Secret Discovery Questions 10-20 4736
Seven exercises before your action plan in the eating disorder recovery online workbook 6110
Eating Disorder Recovery Self Help Action Steps 1-3 7436
Eating Disorder Recovery Action Steps in Online Self Help Workbook 4-6 4374
Eating Disorder Recovery Action Steps in Online Self Help Woorkbook 7-9 4245
Eating Disorder Recovery Action Steps in Online Self Help Woorkbook 10-12 4168
Next Appointment with Yourself 3290

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