JoannaPoppink RT @scifri: NuSTAR recently caught a black hole in the act of blurring x-ray light. http://t.co/DBdBOQqfVw http://t.co/Z6JS2brUZU
JoannaPoppink RT @DrYorikoTodd: "The greatest invention in the world is the mind of a child." - Thomas Edison
JoannaPoppink @CSLewisDaily But grief shows us we are vulnerable to loss that can occur any time. That could bring up fear or resignation or acceptance.
JoannaPoppink The body never lies. Addiction and eating disorders attempt to squelch body information we need to survive. http://t.co/nthEvJs7dm
JoannaPoppink Losing our touch. Are you Plato or Aristotle follower? Me? Aristotle http://t.co/nthEvJs7dm

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