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JoannaPoppink Struggling with an eating disorder? Struggle till you succeed. Get the help you need. Then get ready for a new life. http://t.co/CvRLBSJ65D
JoannaPoppink Struggling with an eating disorder? "Hardships often prepare ordinary people for an extraordinary destiny."... http://t.co/y8bh6KBgrm
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JoannaPoppink Positive and heart lifting. Feeling good about your body, regardless of size, weight and health. Beautiful.... http://t.co/vwbT4IT2cq
JoannaPoppink Positive and heart lifting. Feeling good about your body, regardless of size, weight and health. Beautiful.... http://t.co/vofCiPzAF7
Joanna Poppink, MFTJoanna Poppink, MFT

 Welcome to Eating Disorder Recovery for Women

Read articles and blog posts, comment, ask questions, find support and inspiration. Comment sections often become mini support groups.

Joanna offers personalized eating disorder recovery therapy for women.  She created this site. Joanna is a Los Angeles psychotherapist, speaker and author of Healing Your Hungry Heart.  She specializes in eating disorder recovery for adult women and building a fulfilling life beyond recovery.

To make contact with Joanna for an in-person appointment at her West Los Angeles office or to invite her to speak to your organization please e-mail her at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 310-474-4165.

If you are looking for help for yourself or someone you care about Joanna offers a free telephone consultation.

Joanna's Blog

If you suffer from an eating disorder or know someone struggling with an eating disorder, you can find support and help here. Please complete our simple, FREE registration and enjoy our site. Please feel free to participate in discussions. Your thoughts and questions are most welcome.

Child Trying To Save Her Mother

I just got my heart broken again. A young girl wanted to connect with me on Facebook. When I got the request and saw that young sweet face I wrote, asking her age.

She told me she was 12 and worried about her mother. Her mother has an eating disorder, will not accept help, and cries a lot.

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Diane Keaton Suffered from Bulimia

When I saw the headline, My secret battle with bulimia, by Diane Keaton I felt pangs of sorrow and tender connection with Diane.

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Watching Brutal Videos and Films

If you have an eating disorder, if you suffer from anorexia or bulimia, if you have a history of abuse, please be careful about exposing yourself to brutality. Be aware of the danger for you, in life certainly, and in videos, photos and films of brutal actions.

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Remove the Binge and Add the Fun to Halloween

jack_olanters Here comes Halloween and the push to frolic in a candy binge that can lead to headaches, upset tummies, weight gain, irritability and hyperactivity followed by an emotional crash. Beware means be aware so you can care of yourself and the people you care about.  Here are some suggestions. These are useful for us all.  However, if you are a binge eater you may find these suggestions help you to enjoy a holiday that may otherwise cause you some eating disorder recovery anxiety.

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