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JoannaPoppink New York Times, "Is New Orleans Safe?" Terrific in depth article and a cautionary tale for all. #sustainability https://t.co/XfMd1OMAjM
JoannaPoppink Learning to use my webcam. Second pix: me and Treya. http://t.co/FvLfIy4MKr
JoannaPoppink Learning to use my webcam. First pix: me and Jeffrey. http://t.co/Xaj8sIHGV9
JoannaPoppink Don't let an eating disorder hyjack your life. JP "Life is official canadian pharmacy exhausting. Sometimes we fall into the river of life... http://t.co/kyBdOJ41U4
JoannaPoppink Don't let an eating disorder hyjack your life. JP "Life is exhausting. Sometimes we fall into the river of life... http://t.co/uCn8KD0rQ1

Here you will find discussion and personal stories related to the particular stresses and challenges that come with holidays and special occasions.

Suggestions and recommendations are here for moving through these special days as best you can, depending on your level of recovery.


Preparing for an In-Recovery Christmas

To prepare for Christmas challenges we need to look at the powerful impulses that rise up in you. These are the impulses that can and tramadol for dogs order do knock any planned strategy to the side as you rush for the soothing food that promises to put you at ease.
Knowing what you're up against is an excellent way to prepare a successful get in and stay in-recovery Christmas that you will enjoy in surprising new ways.

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Eating Disorder Rituals at Christmas

Christmas is coming up soon.  Even during an economic recession Christmas often means gifts, sparkle, razzle dazzle, parties, shopping and lots of holiday food.  The gifts may be smaller or more few this year. Shopping may be more frugal for many people. Holiday food is likely to buy real levitra online without prescription be holiday food.  Perhaps people will bake more this year than hit the bakeries. Maybe we'll see a return to home made fudge and peppermints.  Home made candy apples and strings of generic viagra for sale popcorn decorating the viagra no prescription trees may make a come back as well.  But any way you look at it, despite the cash reduction in countless households, people will do only for you where to purchase viagra cialis levitra their best to create Christmas based on their traditions.

So what about you? Do you have an eating disorder tradition?  In a full blown eating disorder, what are or were your

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Thanksgiving: Curiosity Wins Over Expectations

Quick imagination challenge: What is the best, most fantastic and just right Thanksgiving celebration? Close your eyes and let your images of that terrific Thanksgiving come through your mind.

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Tricking or Treating Yourself this Halloween????


Boo! Halloween is upon us!  Children are thrilled and levitra online sales deliciously chilled with the anticipation of costumes, walks in the dark with friends (trailed by parents), parties, images of witches and ghosts and, of course, the promise of lots of candy.

But what happens to you on Halloween?  The shops are full of binge bags of every treat imaginable. 

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