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Joanna Poppink, MFTJoanna Poppink, MFT

 Welcome to Eating Disorder Recovery for Women

Read articles and blog posts, comment, ask questions, find support and inspiration. Comment sections often become mini support groups.

Joanna offers personalized eating disorder recovery therapy for women.  She created this site. Joanna is a Los Angeles psychotherapist, speaker and author of just try! levitra side effects Healing Your Hungry Heart.  She specializes in eating disorder recovery for adult women and building a fulfilling life beyond recovery.

To make contact with Joanna for an in-person appointment at her West Los Angeles office or to invite her to www.cassidashop.com speak to your organization please e-mail her at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 310-474-4165.

If you are looking for help for yourself or someone you care about Joanna offers a free telephone consultation.

Joanna's Blog

If you suffer from an eating disorder or know someone struggling with an eating disorder, you can find support and help here. Please complete our simple, FREE registration and enjoy our site. Please feel free to participate in discussions. Your thoughts and questions are most welcome.

How to help your anorexic friend


Eating Disorder Hope is running a thoughtful article, "Anorexia and http://andalunetsocialmedia.com/buying-real-viagra-without-prescription Friendship: How Do I Help My Friend?."   I'm often asked this question by teens but also by adults including family members.

While I like the content of the article I have to add this missing and what I consider a vital piece of the answer.

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More about your body being your friend

mauve six petalsThe comments to the previous article: "Your body is your friend who's there for you 100% of the time," spawned a fascinating and moving conversation in the comments.  Thank you for your candor. I so appreciate your honesty and courage.  pix*

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Your body is your friend who's there for you 100% of the time.


320px-Blindfold hat

What if you really don't know where you are? *pix

Eating disorders block emotions and create distorted thinking. If you read recovery books, are in therapy or go to support groups or 12-step meetings you've heard this.

But what does this actually mean in your experience? You can't feel what you don't feel, can you?  You can't think clearly and realistically if your thinking is distorted, can you?

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Your Power, Holidays and Choices


my kitchen green man

You may notice and wonder why I include sustainability issues in my writing when my work is dedicated to wow it's great indian generic viagra eating disorder recovery and levitra paypal women's fulfillment in life, living free, respected, healthy and educated. pix*

Sustainability - the real sustainability that supports health and well being of all while respecting and honoring living active systems and relationships among and between everything - is vital for our personal lives.  It expands out to include everyone, everything and, indeed, the globe.

Understand and take care of your mind, spirit and http://www.grantontrailers.com/buy-levitra-canada body well with an appreciation of how you are connected with everyone and everything is all the lowest price generic cialis canada equipment you need to create a good healthy life and a sustainable world. That includes eating disorder recovery. Here's how.

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